A combination of colors for a beautiful flower pot stand

I kept seeing this design on the internet and I liked it a lot. But I also made my own statement and changed it according to my own ideas. I combined the stand’s look with a multimedia stand I once did for a customer. I chose to make the shelves white and the legs wenge.

I won’t show you how I did the two 4 cm thick panels, as there is a separate article on the way a panel is made. I cut two pieces 23 cm by 23 cm from a larger panel. I cut the corners 4 cm on each side, in order to accommodate the legs. This way, the top shelf becomes a mix of white and wenge and a mix of long-grain and cross-grain cut.

The two thick beechwood panels have the sides of 23 cm
The beechwood panels are cut
the legs of the stand are made of beech wood and have a thickness of 4 cm by 4 cm
The legs of the wooden pot stand

The legs are 80 cm long and 4 by 4 cm across. We usually use some kind of hidden screws for this kind of joint, but I chose to use normal screws this time so it can be easily assembled by anyone. Even though you can see them, being black they don’t look that bad.

All the edges of the legs and of the panels have been slightly beveled. This way, if you don’t do a perfect cut on the corners or if the leg isn’t that perfect, the small differences won’t show too much. Also, it is very important that the edges of any wooden piece is not perfectly sharp, because this would result in an easy to damage finish.

After I did all the cuts and beveled the edges, I assembled the shelf for a test and to sand the still present differences.

 the pots stand is ready to be stained
A preliminary assembly, before sanding, staining and varnishing

I fixed the small problems using the orbital sander. After that, I took them apart and all that was left was color and finish.

 I beveled the edges of the shelves and I beveled the cut edges too
The edges of the shelves were beveled
all the elements of the beech flowers stand are ready for assembly
The two shelves are ready to be assembled

Great care should be taken on the visible end of the legs, which must be sanded very smooth without changing it’s shape. Otherwise there will be differences on the top shelf and the entire project would be ruined.

The combination between the upper shelf and the legs of the flower pot stand
The detail with the top shelf and the legs

The lower shelf is very useful for magazines, books, tablet, phone or any other small stuff that didn’t have a place of their own before.

The lower shelf is ideal for trinkets
The lower shelf of the flower pot stand

Because I didn’t like the way the plant’s soil looked, I picked some white stones from the gravel pile and I placed them at the top of the pot.

I choose decorative stones of one colour, for a special appearance
I selected decorative stones from the gravel
The beech wood flower stand is completed
The flower pot stand is ready

And that’s how one of my plants escaped from the fierce teeth of Nala. The other two are still kind of damaged, but I hope they’ll recover soon.

the plant pot is high enough so as the dog can not reach to it
Nala cannot reach the plant
the wood beech stand viewed from above
An outlook above the wood stand

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