the base of the beech wood toilet paper holder is stained with wenge stain matching the toilet paper holder and the towel hooks

The idea of ​​this toilet paper holder came to me when I browsed a magazine. The magazine presented a chromed holder for multiple rolls of toilet paper. In a bathroom, where moisture is very high, it is possible for the chrome layer to peel off and the toilet paper holder to rust.

I thought of making a wooden toilet paper holder, which, if properly finished, will be more resistant in time. The time required to make such a simple object is not too much, and you don’t require too many skills.

I used a beech round bar with a 30 cm diameter and a length of 60 cm. I also used a 4 cm thick beech panel, 20 cm long by 20 cm wide. The panel is a piece left from a larger one, out of which I cut two pieces for the Beech wood flower pot stand. I wanted to underline what I noticed over time: almost any piece of wood can be used to give life to a new object.

I used a 60 cm wooden rod bought from a specialized store
The 60 cm long and 30 mm diameter wooden rod
I get the base for the paper rolls holder from a rest of a panel used for the wooden pot stand
The base is made out of a wood beech panel, 4 cm thick

After cutting the panel square, I marked the center of the panel, by intersecting the two diagonals. I drilled a hole with a [amazon_textlink asin=’B00C625KVE’ text=’drill’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mihaimoldovea-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=”]-milling (Forstner) bit, to fix the 30 mm wood round bar in it.

the 4 cm thick beech wood panel with the marks needed to drill the middle hole with a 30 mm drill
Marking the center of the wooden base after being cut to the required size
The panel is drilled with a 30 mm drill bit in which the 30 mm round bar will be stuck
Drilling the center hole in the base with a 30 mm drill bit
Inside the hole will be mounted a beech rod of 60 cm long that is perfect for 5 rolls of toilet paper
The hole is drilled, I am going to mount the 60 cm long beech wood rod

The edges of the base were beveled for a neat appearance. Also, by beveling the edges, the varnish would not peel easily (which is essential in a bathroom). The end of the wood bar was very well sanded too.

the two pieces needed to form the beech wood holder for 5 rolls of toilet paper are finished, checked and ready for the water-based primer and varnish
The first match of the two parts that form the toilet paper holder
The 30 mm rod was sanded over the whole surface and the edge of the end was beveled
The visible end of the rod is sanded and the edge is beveled

I followed the same steps as I do in any other woodworking project I make: sanding, staining with the favorite color (I used wenge to match the wall mounted wooden toilet paper holder and the simple wooden towel hooks, made from the same type of beech round bar), applying the water-based primer, intermediate sanding and applying water-based varnish. The water-based varnish was applied after the wood holder was assembled using glue and a screw, so I won’t damage the finish when assembling everything together.

I stained with wenge water-base stain the base and the rod because they match both the toilet paper holder and the beech wood towel hangers
The base and the rod of the wood beech holder are colored with water-based wenge stain
The final appearance of the toilet paper holder after the water-based primer and varnish were applied
After the stain has dried, I have mounted the holder and after that I applied the water-based varnish

The result of this simple project can be seen below, and (at least for me) it looks great!

the toilet paper holder holder is ready
The beech wood holder has the right size for 5 rolls of toilet paper
the base of the beech wood holder lightening thanks to the careful wood finishing
The base of the wood beech holder has a perfect surface because the panel has been sanded very well before applying the primer and the varnish
the detail with the beech wood holder for 5 rolls of toilet paper that has been perfectly finished
The visible end of the beech wood rod

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