the handmade wooden painters pyramids used for painting a heavy wooden counter top

Every time I paint or varnish something, the downtime occurs. I have to wait for the object to dry. So that, I can not turn the piece and paint it on the other side. Although I could take some time doing something else, it is quite tiring to have to go back to paint from time to time. At least for me it is. Besides that, I can not make operations that generate dust because, no matter how isolated the painting place is, there are still small particles that float through the air.

I started to think of handmade painter pyramids, because I heard someone who asked where to find something like these to buy. I came up with the idea that they are very simple to be done and deserve to be tried as a DIY project.

For this DIY project I chose fir wood, because the counter tops I want to paint are made out of fir wood. I considered there was a lower risk that the pyramids would stick in the counter tops if they were from the same material. However, the contact points, even if they generate deformations, are so small that combined with a correct positioning will not be noticed at the end.

I took a square section fir wood plank (I found one left from other diy projects, otherwise I would have pulled one to the Metabo thicknesser).

I used wooden square plank to make DIY supports for painting wooden, mdf and plywood counter tops
The fir plank used must have a square section

I have marked a relative point, which I continued around the fir wood plank, so that I would see the sign on each side. I did the drawing with a good square so that there was no risk to appear any differences on the sides. I prepared the circular saw table with the guide at 45 degrees. Being careful that the wood plank has reached the right position of the blade, I marked a point on the sliding guide along the line on the plank.

we used the circular saw table to cut the handmade painters pyramids from fir wood plank
Preparing the circular saw table for cutting the wooden painter pyramids
I used the same position of the fir wood plank to mark all the four sides
Marking the wood plank to cut it on all the four sides

Taking care that the two signs (the one on the plank and the one on the guide) are aligned, we made the first cut at 45 degrees. Then I turned the plank over the other three sides and cut it, taking care that the mark on the plank matches the one on the guide. Now I had a long plank with a pyramidal end.

we made the 4 cuts so that we get a pyramidal end of the handmade painters pyramids
The pyramidal end of the fir wood plank with square section

I chose to cut the pyramid with the circular saw, because I didn’t want to break all the circular saw table settings. I used the circular saw also because the piece I was about to cut would have been small enough for being a huge risk to be caught by the blade and discarded. I marked a sign to make them all at the same length, and I cut the first pyramid.

I was careful to measure a length that I used on all the wooden painters pyramids,when I cut each pyramid from the whole bar
Establishing the length of the handmade wooden painter pyramids

I repeated the operation, marking another point on the guide for each pyramid, because it was easier than to remark the lines on all the four sides of the plank.

There were four fir wood painter pyramids with a pointed peak and a total length of 4 cm. Because I was not patient, I ran away and tried to see how I can use them to varnish a counter top that I was working on. The first impression is that they stick in a little bit. But that happened also because the counter top had a big weight in contrast to the small number of pyramids I had made.

the handmade wooden painters pyramids used for painting a heavy wooden counter top
The wooden painter pyramids are used for the first time
the handmade fir wood painters pyramids are perfect for painting and varnishing wood, MDF and plywood counter tops
The wooden painter pyramids support the painting part very well

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