Inspired by all the current trends towards alternative educational methods like Montessori, Waldorf, etc., i tried to join the world of simple things that open children’s eyes like no other toy can.

12 Wooden blocks – two of each color – are enough to create a rainbow.

Wooden Montessori blocks very useful for developing children's creativity
Montessori wooden blocks
Beech wood cubes for Montessori activities made for our children
Montessori wood beech cubes

They are enough to match colors. They are enough to build a tower. By the way: how many wooden blocks can you stack before the tower collapses? What could possibly keep a child busy, if not a simple wooden blocks set that inspires building, matching, endlessly creating various games?

 towers of wooden coloured blocks
Rainbow tower
A pile of wood blocks
Blocks activity: match colours
I arranged wooden cubes in a beautiful rainbow
Assorted bright colors

The set is easy to build. All you need is a hardwood board (I used beech wood, it has a very fine, nice to the touch, texture) that you cut in blocks with a 4 cm side. They must be sanded and the edges must be beveled. Then you stain them and use acrylic varnish for the final finish. There you go, the set is ready!

 Montessori cubes are colored with water-based stain and varnished with water-based clear varnish
Brightly colored wooden blocks

Let’s Build!

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