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Duplicate Project This is the quickest way to re-create a new project identical to an old one. You don’t need to add all the details, such as the supplies or the tools, again.

We recommend you to use PlanCraft – DIY and Contractor Project Manager, an Android App to plan and organize better your projects and handmade crafts. We develop this app due to our 8 years of experience in woodworking:

Going shopping? You have the supplies lists with you anytime! You can filter the list by a supplier, so you know exactly what to buy from each store. As you buy the items, tick them directly on the shopping list. They will be ticked on the project too, so you know when you have all the supplies for each project.

Select from the Projects List those DIY projects that meet the search criteria! You can select according to the Name of the Project, the Name of the Client, the Category to which it belongs, or the Priority Level!

Create your custom Categories List. After adding them to the list, you can attach to each DIY project the category or categories you want to belong to. It helps you select from the multitude of projects saved in the app, those that belong to a certain category.

We left all the projects in our workshop and we focused our energy on solving project planning problems. We are back with an Android app, very useful for any DIY enthusiast: PlanCraft.

From our experience, we noticed that, in the process of carrying out a project, there seems to appear many problems. Generally, there are two important problems: the number of working hours needed to complete a project is different from the one estimated and the sale price is lower than the effort (especially since all the projects were custom made). These problems can be extended to homemade contractors or service providers.

The working hours needed to complete a project were greater because we were in the situation to need one more wood plank or MDF board, to need 300 ml more of lacquer or primer, need 10 more screws or sandpaper of a certain granulation. In these conditions, we had to stop running the project to purchase the missing supplies. To solve such problems, it took at least 2-3 wasted hours. A lot of wasted hours, hours that we actually “paid” them because we did not take into account all these aspects.

The price of a DIY project was very difficult to set because we never made a clear calculation of the used supplies and of the working hours needed to complete it. Also, we never took into consideration the attrition rate of the power tools and the replacement price for the various parts that had to be changed after a certain number of usage hours. We never took into consideration the fact that sometimes we had to modify the products to suit better to the location. All these problems presented above mean a waste of time and energy if they are not taken into consideration in the project’s prices.

The above-outlined problems are only a small part of the problems that arise in general and that we quickly remembered. But you all contractors and services providers, you all who know what we are talking about, you have certainly noticed many other problems. So, do not hesitate to let us know in a comment what utilities we should add, and maybe we can find a solution for them.

At the same time, we developed this app for all those who are on the other side: consumers of custom products or services provided. We know that you cannot perfectly calculate the working hours needed by a contractor. You do not imagine (not even the person who creates or provides a service can perfectly do this), which of the parts of the project will take more than the estimated working hours. We know that you cannot calculate the profit margin because you do not know exactly the fixed and variable costs of each contractor, and it is normal not to know. But you can approximate the cost of the materials and you can estimate a minimum number of working hours with an average cost per work hour. This way you can get an idea of ​​the final price or at least you could expect a minimum price for a product or service.

For all these reasons PlanCraft was born. We started with the idea of ​​solving these important problems. As we put on paper the things we wanted that this app to do for us, our idea became more and more complex until it reached its current form. Many other utilities are not yet found in the application (they will be integrated into future updates), but it is a starting point. In this form, the application is useful not only for carpenters (from here we started), but also in other areas that involve product creation, or services providing.

What can you do with PlanCraft
Before adding a new project, set the Currency, the Margin (it can be modified on each project), and the Hourly Rate (it can also be modified on each project).

select the currency needed for your diy project
The Currency list

Add new projects and complete the most important information in a friendly interface: Project name, Dates, the number of Work Hours, Hourly Rate, and Project Margin. Set Project Priority.

you can check the supplies to know what you have and what you need to purchase
New DIY Project

Make your own Customers list. You can easily add them to each project using a search suggestion.

set a customers list to add them to the diy project from it
The Customers list

Add info to each customer: Name, Address, E-mail, and some notes if you want so.

add info to the customer to know everything you need to know about him
The Customer info

Add easily a new material to the Project Supplies list (it can be saved at the same time in My Supplies list – the general list of used supplies) completing the fields with the Material Name, the Price, the Measuring Unit, the Supplier, and the Quantity.

add a new raw material and save it in the diy project supplies list or in your custom supplies list
Add new material to the Project Supplies list

PlanCraft calculates and displays the list of all your projects, as well as the Customer Name Execution Deadline (Start Date and Deadline) and Total Project Price.

you can set your own projects list
The Projects List

PlanCraft displays the used Supplies list for each project as well as the Supplier, the Measuring Unit, the Quantity, and the Value.

you can check the supplies to know what you have and what you need to purchase
The Project Supplies List

PlanCraft displays all this information and calculates the final price taking into account the time resource, the value of the supplies, and the profit margin.

the app wiil show you the total value taking into consideration the prices, the working hours and pe margin
PlanCraft calculate the Total Value

With PlanCraft you can add photos and notes to each project.

you can add sketces pictures and write notes in each diy project
The Project Notes and Files

With PlanCraft you can set your own Tools list.

use this utility to remember what tools you have to use for each type of diy project
The Tools list

In addition to these utilities, PlanCraft helps you in several other ways.

1. PlanCraft helps you quickly calculate prices for a project when one or more conditions are changed. Take the example of a kitchen table with a wooden top and a metal frame. With PlanCraft you can quickly find out the price of the tabletop made out of oak, ash, or beech wood by only changing the wood material (because each wood type has a different price) in the saved project, the rest of the elements remaining unchanged.

2. PlanCraft helps you to get the lowest costs of a project by choosing from the general list of materials the supplier of raw materials with the lowest prices (obviously, the quality of the materials matters a lot, should not be neglected).

Good luck and don’t forget to try our DIY app PlanCraft: DIY and Contractor Project Manager and review it. Each review means a lot to us! Thank You!

Feedback, whether positive or negative, will be useful to us for developing the app! You can also send us suggestions or ideas you think could be implemented to make the app as useful as possible!

We thank you all for your support!

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