how to make easy and quickly a diy laminated timber beam

In our workshop, we use DIY laminated timber beams for a lot of our projects. We laminate wood not only because we can not find the needed thickness of timber beams, but especially because we need more strength and more stability. Also another reason for using laminated timber is that there is no risk that these pieces of laminated wood would twist over time. So, we want our DIY projects to have more resistance over time.

A video about how to make DIY laminated timber beams

In this short video you can find out how to make DIY laminated timber beams by using our clamping system:

How to make your own laminated wood beams

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How to make a custom laminated wood beam – Step by Step:

In order to make your custom laminated timber beam, follow these steps:

  • Choose the boards you want to use. Make sure they have the same width
we used ash wood boards to show you how to laminate with ease by using our clamping system
The three boards needed to make one DIY laminated timber beam
  • Flatten one face of each board. Make several passes, if needed
flattening one face of the ash wood board
Flattening one face of the board
  • Plane the other face of each board
planing the other face of the boards needed to make a DIY timber beam
Planing the second faces of the boards
  • Use a clamping system that allows you to put the right amount of pressure depending on the species, on both edges of the boards
the DIY clamps for making your own DIY laminated wood beams
The DIY clamps for tightening laminated timber
the old clamps used to glue up the laminated timber beam
Using the new and the old clamps to glue up the laminated wood beam
  • Make a dry fit test before applying glue
  • Apply the glue evenly using a spatula
we used polyurethane adhesive
The polyurethane (PU) adhesive used to make the DIY laminated timber
  • Use a spare board, if needed, since the clamps are fixed width. Make sure it is planed, too
  • Tighten the clamps evenly, starting from the middle
  • Add extra clamps right at the ends
the DIY clamps for building your own laminated timber
The DIY clamps are very easy and quickly to use
  • Make sure everything is tight and wait for the glue to dry
the DIY laminated beam is very well tightened
The DIY laminated beam after tightening the clamps
  • Undo the clamps when the glue has dried
the DIY clamps for the laminated timber are very well tightened, so we are waiting for the D4 PU glue to dry
Waiting for the D4 polyurethane adhesive to dry
  • Flatten one of the edges of the laminated timber beam
flattening one of the DIY laminated timber beam edge
Flattening the first edge
  • Plane the other edge of the laminated timber
planing the second edge of the homemade laminated beam
We planed the second edge of the laminated wood
  • Cut the end of the laminated wood. You will see that the boards are very well glued without any spaces, because these C clamps tightens the boards on the whole width with the same pressure.
how to make easy and quickly a diy laminated timber beam
The laminated timber beam made simple and easy with our DIY double C Clamps

That’s it! Your own laminated wood!

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