the wooden handrail wall brackets

What can you do when you need some modern wooden wall brackets to install a handrail, but you can not find them in stores? You search a lot, get mad, give up looking and start thinking about how to find a solution. In a few simple steps, we will show you how our problem was solved. We built these oak wood brackets starting from a simple thin plank.

1. We chose a few boards (oak wood, in this case).

2. We planed them and get them to the needed size: 4 cm wide by 1 cm thick.

3. We cut them to 20 cm in length. The idea was to remain 4 cm backup at each end in order to use it to screw the wall brackets into a plank.

4. We glued up the pieces at 90 degrees at the corner, layer by layer. That way, the final bracket will be 4 cm by 4 cm. As we said before, we didn’t cut the ends to use them when routing the sharp edges.

the oak wood planks are glued to create simple handrail brackets
The oak wood strips are glued up to get the shape of the wooden handrail brackets

5. We sanded all the faces of the brackets, both the outer ones and the inner ones. It’s a process that takes quite a long time, especially when you need a lot of brackets. It’s almost impossible to align the four layers perfectly when tightening them. The differences (which can measure up to 3 mm) are pretty difficult to sand since oak is a hardwood.

we sanded all the surfaces in order to route the sharp edges
Detail of the handrail brackets after sanding

6. We drilled holes into both ends of each bracket and we screwed them into a scrap piece of panel. We screwed two wall brackets at the same time, in order to easily hold the router.

holding the brackets with screws, on a wooden panel to be able to route the sharp corners
Oak wood handrail brackets fixed with screws on a wooden panel in order to round the edges

7. With the brackets hold tight on the table, we started to round the sharp edges using the router with a round-over round bit. We couldn’t route the outer corner with the router bit. So we rounded them by sanding using the belt sander.

the handrail wall brackets after milling the sharp edges
The appearance of the handrail brackets, after rounding the edges

8. We sanded all the edges using a 120 grit sandpaper.

9. After the sanding process was done, we cut the ends of the wooden wall brackets.

10. In order to easily apply the primer and the varnish, we screwed the wooden brackets onto a large board. That way we were able to apply them to all the brackets at once.

11. After the primer has dried, we sanded with 320 grit sandpaper all the surfaces and we applied the polyurethane varnish.

The wooden wall brackets are ready. They can be used to install almost any type of handrail directly to a wall. They have a simple, yet very nice look.

the wooden handrail wall brackets
The handrail brackets are finished with scratch resistant polyurethane lacquer
the brackets are very useful for holding the railing handrail directly on the wall
The appearance of the handrail railing mounted directly on the wall using the wooden handrail brackets

The corner joint is very strong and the PU adhesive won’t allow for any movement over time. We especially like the grain – end grain joint on the corner of the brackets.

detail of the corner of the wooden brackets
The corner of the oak wood handrail wall brackets
the railing handrail was mounted directly to the wall with these oak wood handrail wall brackets
The handrail on the wall, mounted with these wooden handrail brackets

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    • I used two ended screws: a rough thread to fit into the wall, using plastic plugs. The other end had metric thread fitted into the brackets (which had a metric nut inserted in them)

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