warmth is brought to the room by using wood for the rails

I really like the idea of ​​combining a simple drape and a curtain, which can provide the interior space with the required splash of color. In this way, we get the needed privacy and a pleasant area in front of the window.

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After some research in the DIY stores, I finally found what I wanted: the perfect curtains and the drapes. The only problem that I had was to find the rails that would fit with the rest of the room. Because I didn’t manage to find any rails that I’d like, I bought two simple white plastic rails and the rest of the work had to be done by me.

I bought the two plastic rails and I covered them in wood.I glued two planks of beech wood together and I cut two channels with the router. The two channels had the width and depth matched with the width and height of the plastic rails. After I sanded and beveled the edges of the wooden pieces, I stained them in the right color (rosewood) and I varnished them with water-based clear varnish. The screws were screwed in their places, being sure that the screws will be flush with the plastic rails. In this way, there won’t be any risk of clinging between the rail hooks and the screws. Then I fitted the double gallery on the ceiling (after I cut it to the right length and finished the ends with sandpaper and water-based clear varnish).

So you can create your own fitting system for your curtains and drapes (from the ceiling to the floor). Instead of using additional plastic covers with wooden prints on them, you can use solid hardwood.

Now everything looks as it should!

the single or the double rail for the curtains and the drapes are masked with solid beech wood
The purchased rails are masked with beechwood
the wooden rails are attached with screws on the ceiling, and the curtains and drapes cover the entire height of the wall
The rails are fitted on the ceiling using hidden screws, so the wall is entirely covered by the curtains
The curtains are moving in the two simple channels embedded in wood
The curtains are moving in the channels embedded in wood
the pleasant and the warmth look is determined by using simple plastic ceiling rails covered in solid beech wood
The simple rail covered in beech wood provides warmth to room

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