All parents look proudly (yet a little bit nostalgic) when they see how much their kid has grown. A wooden giant ruler can be a handy solution, it can even be a nice decorative piece, if you can mingle it nicely in the room.

So here we go:

A pine board is enough for our project. I’ve tried two types: a wider one to fit the names written horizontally and a narrower one, wide enough to fit the names written vertically. The first color was picked to match the walls color and the second one was a standard dark wooden brown.

After I sanded the boards and I beveled the edges, I stained them in their respective color. I then marked the lines, starting at 60 cm (kids are already taller so I didn’t need less than that): I placed a sign every 20 cm, then I marked the halves, and then tiny marks for each 2 cm. I then hand painted all the marks and the names with a contrasting paint (black paint for the green giant ruler and white paint for the brown growth ruler). After the paint dried well, I applied the protective layers: water based primer and water based clear varnish.

So, here are the results:

 I have mounted the giant ruler, on the wall
The giant ruler is mounted on the wall
The giant ruler, which is colored with a green water-based stain, suits with the wall
The wooden ruler fits with the green painted wall
A small detail with the used colors: green water-based stain and black acrylic paint
I used green water-based stain and black acrylic paint
The second ruler was made from pinewood, it was stained with brown water-based stain and it was painted with acrylic white paint
The two models of giant rulers
 After the water-based stain was dry, I protected the rulers with clear water-based varnish
I used water-based brown stain and white acrylic paint

I attached the ruler to the wall using a hidden plate on it’s back and a screw in the wall. All i need is a permanent marker to write down the names. And it doesn’t matter if the kids change their rooms, I can move it anywhere they go.

Let’s measure!

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