Brown and white water based stains were used

Today’s project is a fairly simple toilet paper holder, but very durable, since it is made out of hardwood.

To be more specific, this toilet paper holder is made out of beech wood. The brackets are made out of a 2.6 cm thick plank, 6 cm wide and 10 cm in length.

I choose to use the beech wood in order to make the wooden toilet paper holder
The toilet paper holder is entirely made of beech wood

The main rod is made out of a beech wood bar that has a diameter of 3.0 cm. To prevent the toilet paper to roll uncontrolled, the rod that holds it in place is fixed. The fixing system was done using two wooden dowels with a 7 mm diameter (In fact, I used 8 mm dowels that you can find in any hardware store which I sanded until they had a nice shape. That is why they are 7 mm thick).

I liked the idea of ​​contrast, so the two consoles resting on the wall are stained brown – a color that is called walnut, although it has nothing to do with the natural color of walnut wood. The rod and the locking pins are stained white, creating the desired contrasting effect.

The rod bolts fix and prevent the uncontrolled rolling of the toilet paper
The wooden bolts are used to fix the rod

The main rod can be easily removed by taking out the two bolts. This gives a very easy way of changing the roll, but still keeping it safe in the rest of time.

The toilet paper holder is mounted and it has hidden fixing elements
The toilet paper holder is mounted

The toilet paper holder is fixed on the wall using two holes with a diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm. The brackets are screwed separately in the wall and then they are adjusted to align the holes of the consoles with the holes of the rod, so one can easily insert the fixing dowels.

For the finishing I opted for water-based varnish, applied in two coats. Prior to the varnish, I also applied a coat of primer that I sanded down using high grit sandpaper (320 or 400, I can’t recall exactly).

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